Changes Made and Bugs Fixed in SJSXP 1.0.2

Nr Category ID Synopsis/Description
1 JAXP/StAX/Conformance 6472982 javax.xml.namespace.NamespaceContext.getPrefix("") should not throw IllegalArgumentException
2 JAXP/StAX/GF 6909759 using JDK 1.6.0_18-ea does not work with GlassFish v3
3 JAXP/StAX/Conformance 6675332 sjsxp issue 49: Repairing XMLStreamWriter tries to use default namespace for attributes
4 JAXP/StAX/Conformance 6440324 StAX implementation not spec compliant - breaks RI compliant apps
5 JAXP/StAX/Conformance 6890987 StAX v1.2 incorrect method signature
6 JAXP/StAX/Conformance 6861589 Upgrade JAXP/SJSXP to JSR-173 StAX v1.2
7 JAXP/StAX 6846133 StAX XMLEventReader DTD issues
8 JAXP/StAX/GF 6840541 GlassFish: SJSXP: XML streaming parser spins indefinitely if input stream is broken prematurely
9 JAXP/StAX 6846132 StAX XMLOutputFactory createXMLStreamWriter() only supports Stream Results
10 JAXP/StAX/Conformance 6917454 sjsxp issue 53: StartDocument.encodingSet() returns false even when set
11 JAXP/StAX/Conformance 6847819 sjsxp issue 56 : XNIException not caught, passed on to app, for invalid xml decl
12 JAXP/StAX/Conformance 6840792 sjsxp issue 70 XmlStreamReaderImpl.getAttributeValue namespace arg. not interpreted properly
13 JAXP/StAX/Conformance 6671723 sjsxp issue 58: XMLEvent.getLocation() returns a volatile Location
14 JAXP/StAX sjsxp issue 52 Sjsxp does not report ']]>' in textual content as WF error
15 JAXP/StAX 6668115 sjsxp issue 57: XMLEventReaderImpl.getElementText() and nextTag() fail to update last event
16 JAXP/StAX sjsxp issue 59 original exception is lost
17 JAXP/StAX/Security Sun Alert #238628 JAX-WS server allows XXE attacks
18 JAXP/StAX 6631265 sjsxp issue 47 : XMLStreamReader.standaloneSet() implemented wrong
19 JAXP/StAX 6555001 StAX parsers don't handle entities correctly
20 JAXP/StAX/Conformance 6631264 sjsxp issue 45 : XMLStreamReader.hasName() should return false for ENTITY_REFERENCE
21 JAXP/StAX/Conformance 6631262 sjsxp issue 44 : XMLStreamReader.getName() should throw IllegalStateException, not IllegalArg
22 JAXP/StAX 6631268 sjsxp issue 41 : XMLEvent.writeAsEncodedUnicode(Writer) not implemented
23 JAXP/StAX 6620632 sjsxp issue 48: DTD event is missing entity and notation information
24 JAXP/StAX 6620624 sjsxp issue 40: XMLEventReader.getElementText() leads to infinite loop if there's a peeked event
25 JAXP/StAX 6586466 XMLEventReaderImpl.nextTag() does not update fLastEvent
26 JAXP/XSLT/Performance 6613328 Suggested changes to improve scalability of the JAXP XML transform
27 JAXP/StAX 6613059 sjsxp issue 42: Same code runs fine on 1.6.0_01 but gives XMLStreamException on 1.6.0_02
28 JAXP/StAX/Conformance 6610034 sjsxp issue 50: Support the mode that doesn't load external DTD
29 JAXP/StAX 6600882 toString(), hashCode() throw Exception
30 JAXP/StAX 6631274 sjsxp issue 38 : createXMLEventReader fails with DOMSource input
31 JAXP/StAX Switched default value of instance reuse to false. This may have a negative impact in certain benchmarks, but unfortunately the semantics of instance re-use lead to race conditions in certain cases. Thus, I'm turning it off.
32 JAXP/StAX New properties and The former is defined for both stream readers and writers, the latter only for stream writers. The implementation name (value of first property) is "sjsxp". Note that the old method for accessing the underlying output stream in a stream writer, via the Map interface, is supported but discouraged.
33 JAXP/StAX 35 XMLStreamReader can't parse schema for XML Schema
34 JAXP/StAX 34 XMLStreamWriter.setPrefix and XMLStreamWriter.getPrefix bugs with XMLStreamWriter.writeEmptyElement
35 JAXP/StAX 32 NullPointerException in XMLDOMWriterImpl.writeCharacters()
36 JAXP/StAX/Conformance 24 Inconsistent behavior for getPrefix() when no prefix
37 JAXP/StAX/Conformance 28 NullPointerException thrown by XMLStreamWriterImpl.getProperty(String)
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