Changes Made and Bugs Fixed in SJSXP 1.0.1

Nr Category ID Synopsis/Description
1 DocumentScanner 6370703/Issue 5 Incorrect reporting of attributes on START_ELEMENT event.
2 XMLEventWriter 6408052 XMLEventWriter writes out extra namespace declarations
3 Defect 6417206 Encoding doesn't work with stax
4 XMLEventWriter 6419687 NPE in XMLEventWriterImpl. Note that XMLCOnstants.NULL_NS_URI is not available in a pure JDK 1.4 environment, "" literal was used.
5 XMLStreamWriter 6420953 Zephyr doesn't escape namespace URIs
6 Defect 6422391 Infinite recursive loop in XMLOutputFactoryImpl
7 FilteredStreamReader 6481615 Filtered XMLStreamReader returns -1 when getEventType is called
8 Performance 6498139 Implemented new buffer allocation strategy proposed by Binu. Using JAXPpex, we get about 2X improvement in throughput on SOAP messages of less than 1 KB.
9 XMLStreamReader 6500909 getAttributeName throws nullpointer exception for an element without attribute
10 XMLStreamReader Issue 1 calling XMLStreamReaderImpl.getNamespaceURI(String prefix) returns incorrect results when in a node that does not declare namespaces
11 Feature change Issue 9 Can't parse document with doctype declaration without retrieving the DTD
12 Defect Issue 10 Unicode character (0x10339) triggers Parsing Error
13 Defect WSIT Issue 50 StAX error with encoding="utf-8"
14 Feature change N/A Removed call to flush() when the underlying output stream is requested via get(). We'll let the application worry about flushing the stream to avoid unwanted HTTP chunking while running inside a container.
15 FilteredStreamReader N/A FilteredStreamReader had been re-written so that:
1. It passes the new TCK;
2. It initiates at an accepted event, that is, an event that matches the filter;
3. Calling hasNext() advances the underlining stream;
4. It assumes END_DOCUMENT as an acceptable event. This is necessary in order to pass the TCK;
5. Catching was removed.
16 Security N/A Signature Verification fails with latest jax-ws, sjsxp, etc. This bug is reproduced when IS_REPAIRING_NAMESPACE property is set to true. The element is as shown below When this element is written to stream it becomes
17 TCK N/A XMLGregorianCalendar tests become invalid due to XML Schema 1.0 Specification Errata
18 XMLStreamWriter N/A Setting fOutputStream, fWriter to null so that it reduces the memory footprint. This is required since XMLOutputFactoryImpl keeps a reference of XMLStreamWriterImpl and thus the stream objects are not GCed until the stream writer object is reused.
19 ZephyrWriterFactory N/A made the factory thread safe. The benchmark in JAX-WS RI revealed that the penalty of having the JAX-WS RI doing the synchronization is very expensive, and a little gain in reusing StreamResult doesn't seem to buy us that much in comparison. We should reconsider if the instance pooling at this level makes sense or not. Besides the obvious safety issue in doing so, it makes the code unnecessarily complicated, and with that change we no longer have to create a temporary StreamResult at all.
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